Interview with the Kisantu study team – Doctoral research of Bieke Tack (English subtitles)

April 5, 2023



Study team describing the preparation, outcomes, benefits, difficulties and way forward after the studies they carried out in Kisantu in the Democratic Republic of Congo.



Naomie Wasolua – Nurse research team (health interview + in-hospital follow-up)

Dr. Daniel Vita – Local supervisor and medical director St. Luc Kisantu Hospital

Dr. Jules Mbuyamba – Site supervisor of INRB blood culture monitoring

Dr. Emmanuel Ntangu – Research team doctor (in-hospital clinical monitoring)

Dr. Japhet Ngina – Research Team Physician (clinical assessment on admission)

Nathalie Ndengila – Nurse research team (screening and inclusion)

Aimée Luyindula – Laboratory technician (supervision of rapid tests and laboratories)

Thomas Nsema – Research team nurse (vital signs and anthropometric parameters)

Grace Kasidikoko – Nurse research team (home follow-up)

Dr. José Nketo – Chief Medical Officer Kisantu

Camera by Bieke Tack, Unit of Tropical Bacteriology ITM

Editing by Vera Kühne, Unit of Tropical Bacteriology ITM

Music by Valo Freesound



Research skills