New blood culture surveillance sites started in DR Congo: two hospitals in Vanga and Kikwit!

October 5, 2023



In August 2023, Immaculée Kahindo and Edmonde Bonebe from Institut National de Recherche Biomédicale (INRB) travelled to Vanga and Kikwit with laboratory equipment and consumables as part of the DGD (Belgian Directorate-General for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid) funded multi-year programme between INRB and ITM. In Hôpital Evangélique C.B.CO-Vanga and in Centre Hospitalier Témoins de la Charité de Kikoti Kikwit, they installed the bacteriology laboratories together with the hospital staff. Staff was trained for blood culture sampling and laboratory work-up.

Junior Mudji, alumnus of the ITM short course “Hospital-based Interventions to Contain Antibiotic Resistance in Low-resource Settings (AIM)”, is a clinician in Hôpital Evangélique C.B.CO-Vanga. He is looking forward to turning the course theory into practice.

Arrival of equipment in Vanga


Installation of incubator in Vanga


Junior Mudji, Edmonde Bonebe, Dr. Blaise Mumbungu (Médecin Chef de Zone), Immaculée Kahindo, and administrative manager at the central office of the health zone of Vanga


One of the first sampled patients in Vanga

Stock of clinical bacteriology laboratory consumables in Vanga

Antibiotic susceptibility results of the first sampled patient in Vanga

Edmonde Bonebe explaining the principles of blood culture surveillance to Kikwit laboratory technicians


Practicing blood culture sampling on a dummy arm in Kikwit

General info



Stock management

Surveillance bacteriology