Tableaux des points critiques cliniques de l’EUCAST et du CLSI

January 17, 2023




The new EUCAST breakpoints for 2023 are available and the disk diffusion guidelines were also updated. The disc diffusion method is validated for 6-mm paper disks. Note from us: As we use the Rosco disks of 9 mm), however on the Rosco website, they confirm that the Neo-Sensitabs can be used according to CLSI and EUCAST guidelines (

The manual and slide show also include an explanation about QC strain handling and what to do when out of range.

Note also that EUCAST has done a consultation about the breakpoints/use of cephalosporins for S. aureus infections and they will prepare a guidance document on it.

Find the CLSI breakpoints here.

Read full resource: Clinical breakpoint tables from EUCAST and CLSI



Surveillance bacteriology

Validation & Reporting

Work-up of grown blood cultures