E. coli from urine samples of pregnant women as an indicator for AMR in the community: a field study from rural BF

September 6, 2022


Is there more AMR in patients in the hospital than in the community? Our latest article suggests, that this is the case. We think that this might be due to the selection pressure on the bacteria caused by the antibiotics patients are taking.
We used urine cultures of pregnant women in rural Burkina Faso as a proxy for AMR in the community and compared the mostly E. coli strains to results of E. coli found in studies published for febrile patients. The E. coli isolates obtained from healthy pregnant women had significantly lower AMR rates compared to clinical E. coli isolates.
We found urine culture a feasible addition to antenatal care in this setting.
If confirmed in other settings E. coli from urine samples in pregnant women may be a potential indicator for benchmarking, comparing, and monitoring community AMR rates across populations over different countries and regions.