Practical teaching on AMR at ITM short course

May 21, 2024



As part of the French ITM course “Challenges in International Health”, participants were submerged for two days (15-16 May 2024) into the challenges and actions in the battle against antimicrobial resistance. Besides lectures on epidemiology, surveillance, antibiotic stewardship, antibiotic use and infection prevention and control, participants rotated in a caroussel of practical work stations. They were introduced to diagnostic bacteriology in the laboratory, blood culture collection on phantom arms and making observations on good and bad practices in the neonatology skills teaching lab.

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Stefanie explains good practices for blood culture collection


Charlotte assists participants to identify good and bad infection prevention and control practices in the skills (teaching) laboratory


Participants make observations in the skills laboratory


Participant noting observed good and bad practices


Birgit introduces diagnostic bacteriology in the laboratory

Blood collection



Surveillance bacteriology