Tour of a skillslab replica of a hospital in low resource setting

Welcome in this guided tour

We organized a “skillslab” replica of a low resource setting hospital

We conceive it as a training site


Our objectives ae to help you

– understand IPC and AMR in low resource settings

– sharpen your eyes and mind to recognize the risks

– provide links to get the best out of the lectures and self-study

– foster peer discussion, awareness and retention

– facilitate anticipate and correct them “best practices” approach


What are you expected to do:

– please look carefully at the photographs and not your observations

– we have added questions and comments to trigger your observations and reactions.


Note the scenes are set-up according to field observations and “concentrated” on a small surface. For didactic reasons, they may be slightly highlighted to meet the objectives above. Please consider the scenes in this regard. By no way we intend to depict a negative image of hospitals and patient care in low resource settings. We express our respects for the hospital staff and management working in difficult conditions and hope this exercise will contribute our teaching objectives and beyond. Comments and advices and highly welcome – please use the contact button.

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