Travel report of Anne-Sophie Heroes to the Democratic Republic of the Congo

April 5, 2023



Anne-Sophie Heroes traveled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo together with Gaëtan Van Aelst, ITM Clinical Trials Unit, and Justin Im, International Vaccine Institute, for a follow-up and monitoring visit of the THECA – TyVECO study, a Typhoid conjugate vaccine effectiveness study.

1) Since February 2022, children between 9 months and 16 years old in Kisantu Health Zone are invited to get a Typbar-TCV® vaccine (Bharat Biotech) in one of the mobile vaccine tents. Every tent contains several stations: registration, informed consent, medical selection, vaccination, post-vaccination observation.

2) Effectiveness of the vaccine is measured by blood culture surveillance in a selection of health centers and Saint-Luc hospital in Kisantu Health Zone. During the current site visit, we evaluated the switch from paper study forms to electronic data capture in tablets in a health center, the hospital wards and the study laboratory:


3) Group picture of a part of the TyVECO study team in front of the study centre in Kisantu.

Part of the TyVECO study team in front of the study centre in Kisantu, from left to right: Jules Mbuyamba, Adrienne Mbewa, Sandra Vangu, Narcisse Diakiese, Octavie Lunguya, Anne-Sophie Heroes, Tressy Ndimba Mbuya, Justin Im, Gaëtan Van Aelst, Siméon Luyeye, Junior Yuvula, Juvénal Dienda, Cliff Mbangu, Brigitte Mapendo.


The rectors and delegates of KU Leuven and Université Catholique de Louvain visited Institut National de Recherche Biomédicale in Kinshasa on Friday 17th March 2023. Being affiliated both to KU Leuven and ITM, Bieke and Anne-Sophie were honoured to present their PhD research together with their INRB supervisor Prof. Octavie Lunguya.

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