About us

The Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, Belgium, promotes the advancement of science and health for all, through innovative research, advanced education, professional services and capacity sharing with partner institutions in the South.

The Unit of Tropical Bacteriology combines biomedical research, education and support of laboratory services. We focus on antibiotic resistance and both generic and specific laboratory capacity sharing. In order to achieve real impact we work closely together with the laboratory teams of our partner institutions in low- and middle-income countries.

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Our team

Kaat Eggermont

Admin & medical laboratory technician, BSc

Validation MSF mini-lab, identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing, logistics procedures, administrative support

Jan Jacobs

Head of Unit, MD Clinical Microbiologist, PhD

Hospital infection prevention and control, patient care, education, oversea capacity building projects, invasive bacterial infections, field-adapted laboratory in-vitro diagnostics for LRS

Jens Cornelis

PhD Candidate, MSC

Electronics engineering, blood cultures, diagnostics, machine learning

Peter Hyland

Capacity sharing and support, MSc

Laboratory capacity building, clinical microbiology diagnostics, AMR surveillance, antimicrobial susceptibility testing

Charlotte Grootaers

Education, MD Pediatrician

Coordination AIM course, capacity building projects

Bieke Tack

Invited researcher, MD PhD

Pediatric infectious diseases & care in low-resource settings, invasive Salmonella infections, antimicrobial resistance & stewardship

Lisette Mbuyi Kalonji

PhD candidate, MD

Surveillance of bacteremia and antibiotic resistance, Invasive Salmonellosis in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Reservoir Salmonella non-Typhi, Intestinal carriage of non-Typhi Salmonella in humans

Birgit de Smet

Capacity sharing and academic support, MSc

Blood culture surveillance, laboratory capacity sharing in low-resource settings

Jocelyne Kalema

PhD candidate, MD Clinical Microbiologist

Barbara Barbé

Capacity sharing and academic support, MSc

AMR surveillance, invasive bacterial infections, laboratory strengthening in low-resource settings, field-adapted laboratory diagnostics for low-resource settings

Idzi Potters

medical laboratory technician & teacher, BSc

Microscopy, parasitology, helminths, teaching, morphological diagnosis, laboratory techniques

Anne-Sophie Heroes

Capacity sharing and academic support, PhD

Blood culture surveillance, blood transfusion, capacity sharing, hospital Infection Prevention and Control, coaching students, training bacteriology laboratory practices, photography, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Ellen Corsmit

Medical laboratory technician, BSc

Validation of equipment , identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing of tropical clinical bacterial isolates , coordination of laboratory work, safety promotor, training students

Palpouguini Lompo

Invited researcher, PhD

Microbiology, Desinfection, Antisepsis, Hand Hygiene

Tine Vermoesen

Medical laboratory technician, BSc

Evaluation of RDTs, identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing of clinical bacterial isolates

Liselotte Hardy

Senior Scientist, PhD

Biomedical scientist, unit management, lab work coordination and planning, development & implementation of field-appropiate diagnostics for low-resource settings

On this website we work together with our partner institutes and other units of the three departments of ITM to share recourses (procedures, documents, educational material, publications and more) for laboratories in resource limited settings.